Anomalyst Studio is a multimedia company that harnesses design and technology to create immersive experiences.

Through the lens of entertainment performances, our expertise are rooted in spatial multimedia storytelling that consistently uncover audience insights in our creative digital entertainment endeavors.

Over the past 10 years, we have created many theme-based landmark productions, pushing the boundaries in creating multi-screen video projections, interactive displays and impactful digital media for both live events and permanent installations in Singapore and the region.

We are purveyors of Arts, Culture and Entertainment.

We exist to create unforgettable experiences.



Digital content developed for physical environments, live performance and real-time audience. An integration of light, sound, performance, technology and media content to bring about an engaging and lasting aural-visual experience.


Creative video solutions that embody the message and is poised to speak the brand, creating an emotional, meaningful and intuitive connection with the viewers.


The first stages are where we dig deep, through research and brainstorming sessions, to understand the needs and objectives of the project. Each project is unique and poses its own challenges. Keeping the process fluid and spontaneous is key to opening up new possibilities, allowing us to build innovative visual and narrative concepts that are true to the message.


Taking what has been developed in the initial drawing boards, the strategy phase is where we begin to connect the dots, linking up resources and various specialisation for planning. It is where we determine the approach, test for feasibility and deriving the tools and technologies necessary to bring these ideas to life.


Visual development for the approved concepts through the use of storyboards, animatics, and design styleframes. The narrative is being rigorously refined for the final script. Planning is done with the choreography, lighting and sound for a seamless show. Technical flow of systems are mapped out and configured, prototypes constructed and tested. The aim of these processes is to construct close-to-final visualisations, providing the team and client with a congruent vision for the final project delivery through the subsequent stages.


Through the earlier planning stages, this production stage is where the project takes form. Live action filming, sound design and editing are done, design elements are being animated, effects are added. We will then make further post-production refinement of grading the colours and adding much more needed effects. Deliberating hours, days, or even weeks of render time, the content are being created.


The integration process is where all show aspects converge, bridging visual content, technology and all performance elements. The experience will be ‘live’ for the first time, and it is the moment of truth for the team that has painstakingly built it over the course of the project. Detailed adjustments and calibrations will ensue the best possible aural-visual experience for the audience.


Our growing list of clients, past and present. We have been fortunate to partner with them as content and

technology providers, having played a role in building on their brand as we continue to strengthen ours.